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high class Escort from Europe    
I am back in Manhattan. I am your perfect female companion! Elegant, fun, and naughty. I also offer dominatrix Sessions in Manhattan. And I offer my Escort Service in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Boston and around the US. Send me an email and let me know when and where you like to see me.
And yes I have to screen you if you are arrange a booking with me. this is for my safety but I am sure you understand.
Click here for Manhattan Escort's Page
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posted by Manhattan Escort Monday,Feb 02,2015
Allow Me to Introduce Myself    
100% genuine. I am experienced and know how to make your every desire come true!! I specialize in a series of erotic pleasurable techniques and have been acclaimed as a genuine "SEXPERT". A psychology major, experienced in public relations and outstanding customer service. My skills are guaranteed, and I promise to leave you satisfied and wanting more. I have an unforgettable body, luscious lips, beautiful face. I'm a natural 38 DDD, with a long toned legs, beautiful full lips and beautiful green eyes, charming and seductive, the total package. I genuinely love what I do and it shows in my performance and personality. Dedicated to being your favorite escape. I am a woman who is willing to accommodate all your desires. I absolutely love to explore the wilder side of life! I truly enjoy catering to your needs and love a gentleman who really knows how to treat a lady. I provide upscale companionship for the exceptional gentleman that enjoys a real woman. Are you out going or laid back on the weekends. I would love to share some time with you if you have some time to spare. If you're a gentlemen that knows what you want but your needs have gone unattended or maybe you just crave excitement, Come indulge yourself in my fantastic sensual escape. I'm always ready for a mischievous occasion or a classy engagement with culture and style. Expect 100% satisfaction. I would love to be the one to place a smile on your face and build an on going affair that satisfies and entertains your wants and needs. I promise you an unforgettable experience that you will be eager to repeat again and again.
Click here for Yolandi Aqcua 's Page
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posted by Yolandi Aqcua Friday,Dec 26,2014
The First Escort Shopping Guide with Benefits    

Shopping for an escort these days is always more fun when you choose an escort shopping guide. One of the reasons is that everything you need can be found right at the tip of your fingers. You will find some of the best escort services available on the Internet.

The escort shopping guide provides many benefits including, Beautiful Escort Pictures and Profiles. You will also find, Escort Reviews, Escort Announcements, Escort Blogs and Escort Updates. You can see that many of these features allow you to keep track of your favorite escort’s travel and event schedule.

You can also read what escorts are saying about each other and what they like and dislike about the escort industry.

In addition to searching for the pleasure that you’re seeking, the escort shopping guide is an excellent way to find a nice gift or present for your escort. You will always enjoy a wonderful night together when have an attractive escort as your date.

So, why not surprise your next date with a nice gift or plan an extraordinary evening or weekend getaway together. It’s easy to set up a date with an Escort but, it’s not always so easy to find the escort who is right for you. You need to find an escort who can meet your specific qualifications. Escort advertising is the best way to find an escort shopping guide.

A big reason is because they only provide beautiful and intelligent escorts who can offer you the quality time that you need and deserve. You can spend hours, days or an entire weekend with your escort and never worry the same way you would with an ordinary girlfriend. An escort shopping guide is a great place to find a beautiful escort and, it can also help you find the best restaurants in town or even help you make hotel reservations. You will also find luxury gifts and accessories and erotic toys.

You can make travel arrangements or rent luxury exotic cars like, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari or Rolls. You can even choose to arrive at your destination in a chuffer driven limousine. Viewing various escort advertising profiles will benefit you by providing all the necessary details you need before contacting your escort. There is no need to waste unnecessary time, frantically looking all over the Internet for the right place to find what you are searching for.

You can find everything you’re looking for, from Escorts, to luxury gifts and accessories on the escort shopping guide. Whatever your requirements or demands, you will definitely find everything you need in one place. A good escort shopping guide not only has a wide variety of escort profiles, but it can also provide you with important tips like, “How To Treat an Escort” which can be extremely important if it happens to be your first date with an escort.

Escorts who advertise on the escort shopping guide will always encourage you to set your standards to the highest level.  When it comes to making your final decision, you should demand the best escort shopping guide that you can find. With an escort shopping guide you will have the ability to make your life much more manageable. You will feel more relaxed and enjoy every bit of your shopping experience.

Many of the features on the escort shopping guide are user friendly in order to benefit the end user. Your escort shopping guide should be dedicated to making sure the escort profile information is always up to date and accurate. This will save you precious time and make sure that your overall experience is a lot more useful and enjoyable. You will truly appreciate the full benefits of an escort shopping guide when you consider taking one of the beautiful and attractive escorts with you on your next date.

You can plan an ordinary business trip, or you can plan a trip to Las Vegas that is extraordinary. Find any other reason or special occasion to celebrate, but nothing you do even comes close to the experience, fun and excitement of dating an escort for the very first time. For the first time in history there is an escort shopping guide that treats escorts with this much respect. An escort shopping guide provides escorts with a place where anything is possible and where dreams do come true. Escorts have needs and desires just like you. Escort’s shop, they buy new cars, cloths, shoes and hand bags and health insurance. Escorts purchase real estate and run their own businesses just like you. They like expensive perfume and lingerie.

They love flowers and gifts, birthday presents and shopping trips. But unlike ordinary girls, they must always maintain a certain persona and pay for trips to the spa and salon, wardrobe changes, travel expenses, transportation and security. Escorts are extraordinary girls who enjoy the same things in life that you do, sometimes even more than you do.

Whatever the case may be, whenever you treat an escort like a real person, like a friend, like you care who they are and not what they are, you will have a much better date and a much more enjoyable dating experience. When you choose the right escort shopping guide you can take advantage of all the benefits associated with the website. You should plan your next date to some place special, do something fun and different, use your imagination and get some really good ideas from the complete list available on the escort shopping guide and directory.
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posted by Admin Thursday,Nov 07,2013
How Can Dating Escorts Help You?    


The very idea sounds crazy, but it’s true. Dating escorts can really help you. How is simple, you need to relax, take a few minutes and just tell yourself everything is alright.

You’re working all the time, putting in long hours and can’t seem to find a way to just relax. You need to pick up the phone right now, and make the call right away. Escorts all over the world are standing by right now to take your calls and help you, twenty-four-hours-a-day, and seven-days-a-week. Now, is that crazy or what?

What! With so many escorts in the world to choose from, the escort shopping guide is a great place for you to get started.

Searching for an escort online can be a daunting task. It can be exciting with your anticipation growing every second until you finally make the decision to call. Once you make the call, all of your dreams and fantasies begin to come true. The escort shopping guide features photographs and contact information for beautiful girls who are waiting to meet you.

For example, Las Vegas can be fun and exciting all by itself but, it can be much more enjoyable when you have an escort with you.

Choosing an escort from the escort shopping guide is fast and easy. Using an escort shopping guide can help you to plan your perfect date. In addition to helping you to find some of the most beautiful girls in the world, you will also find links to some of the finest casinos and elite luxury accommodations and shopping along the strip.

From, luxury window-shopping and fine dining to luxury exotic car rental, chauffer driven limousines, private jets, luxury motor yachts and a complete travel guide to help you with your reservations.  Dating escorts will guarantee a day, evening or weekend suspended in a moment in time that others only dream about.

An escort shopping guide can add immense value to your shopping experience. There is never a problem finding an escort, but the escort shopping guide offers so much more. Whether you are searching for a small gift or something a little more elaborate and expensive the selection of fine gifts and accesories is limited only by your imagination.

Escort advertising can help you turn an ordinary dating experience into an extraordinary pleasure trip as you take your girl shopping for the first time. She takes you by the hand leading you to the perfect place to buy whatever you want; she can even give you advice on what to buy; what looks good on you, how well it fits, the right colors and the right style.

When it comes to making a decision on a costly item, she may also have some influence on whether to spend the money or not, which could be of great value in addition everything else she does so well.

Her advice and attention along the way really does make a big difference when you’re out shopping. You benefit from her perfect smile and appreciation of your company rather than just shopping by yourself alone.

Remember, this is not your grand-mother telling you how good you look, and certainly not your secretary, (bless her heart) this is your girl-friend  (so-to-speak) at least temporarily, and you need to know the difference.

Okay, you could always end up buying some pretty good stuff, you know, quality junk, stuff you don’t even want, or spend your hard earned cash on things you don’t even need, but, at the end of the day, you will think she’s worth it.

When you look back at what a good time you had, how good she looks, how much fun she is to be with and how good she makes you feel whenever you’re alone together, you really can’t put a price tag on how good she makes you feel about yourself on the inside. And that’s what dating an escort is really all about.

The date can be as much fun for her as it is for you. Obviously if you already have a girlfriend, this article is not meant for you, but for your sake you should take your girlfriend out on the town every now and then, make her feel like an escort, spend some money on her, take her shopping, do something different, be creative, you only live once and while you think you know everything there is to know about girls, think again.

All girls like to feel special and it's the kind things that you do and say that make a girl smile, but it's mostly the money and gifts that you give them that make them really appreciate who you are.

In large cities and small towns you can find the best escort shopping guide online and spend your time quickly locating the right escort. Escort advertising is nothing short of a miracle helping you to find the right girl for any occasion.

Your escort can also be your tour guide in a major city by sharing her time, experience and knowledge of the city. Imagine the pleasure you will feel when accompanied by an attractive escort who relieves your stress and allows you to relax while you shop or dine at a small sidewalk cafe.

Your escort can also help you to discover your own sense of style and open your mind to new things and make you feel comfortable along the way. In fact, your escort shopping guide experience found through escort advertising can be your personal style advisor, enabling you to enhance your personality and show off your dating skills.

And all this can be done and more, and you can show everyone that you have what it takes to please an escort , reap the rewards and benefits reserved for VIP clients.

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posted by Admin Monday,Oct 21,2013
How Can Escort Advertising Help You As A Client?    

Escort advertising directories benefit many people in various respects. As a client, you refer to escort advertising, often choosing the kind of escorts you want for yourself. While some people prefer dating escorts during the day, others prefer to meet after dark. However, choosing to take an escort on a date will take some planning if you want to be successful.

The escort shopping guide helps you by providing the schedule of the escorts who work various hours to accommodate your specific requirements. Most escort directories can be found by searching the Internet using keyword phrases such as, escort, escort guide, escort site or escort directory. Most clients consider professional escort advertising to be an effective way to view the escorts before making any arrangements for a date.

When you are looking through an escort shopping guide, you can choose many options such as, hair color, complexion, approximate height, style and other factors to narrow down your search. You can benefit as a client when you refer to escort advertising. VIP clients often prefer VIP escorts, but that is not always the case. Sometimes a client will choose an escort based solely on her looks while other clients are very specific about what they are looking for in an escort.

You will come across many directories on the web, all of which advertise having the best escorts in the world. But, all escort directories are not the same. Escort directories can range in size from a few girls, to several thousand girls to choose from. As a client, you get to choose which escort directory is the best by your own definition.

Most escort directories feature various categories such as, Asian, Ebony, Blonde, Brunette, BDSM, Shemales, Strippers, Body Rubs etc., and you can choose your preferences to find exactly what you are looking for. You will find an array of options whenever you choose to utilize escort advertising to find the perfect date. You will also find a huge range of fetish categories in escort advertising to choose from as well!

You can browse through literally hundreds of thumbnail photos featuring beautiful girls which are attractivly displayed on the directories. Clicking on an escort's image will generally take you to the escort’s personal page where you will find the escort’s complete profile and contact information.

You can ask for more details from your escort after you are ready to make your selection. Once you browse through a number of photos, you will come across the girl of your choice; this would never be possible without escort advertising. You can contact any escort you like, and set up the time and date for both of you to meet in person.

Most professional escorts and agencies require a background check before you can set up an appointment. It’s known throughout the escort industry as a screening process. The screening process assures the escort that you are who you say you are and for the safety and security of the escort.

Before you attempt to set up a date with an escort, you should decide on your budget. The escort fee can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the girl that you choose. It’s important to choose a good location where you and your escort will feel comfortable and safe when you meet for the first time.

Finding the right escort requires some planning and when your search is done, you will eventually find the escort shopping guide that is just right for you. Searching through escort advertising directories is very personal and intimate, but if you are patient eventually you will find the right escort site, meet your perfect date and learn the true meaning of success!
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posted by Admin Friday,Oct 18,2013
The Truth About The Escort Shopping Guide    

Whenever people think about shopping for pleasure, they’re generally thinking about sex. But most people are not shopping for pleasure anyway. That would be absurd, you can’t actually buy pleasure, but you can pay for sex, and maybe get yourself robbed, beat up or end up in jail in the process.

No, I don't think so! What you’re really looking for is a nice date, someone to go out with, a true girl-friend experience… (Without all the drama), someone you can talk to, somebody to spend some quality time with, somebody you can count on to bring you all the real pleasure you’ve been dreaming of.

So, you check out the night clubs, bars and hot spots around town, checking out the hottest chicks, hanging out with your friends until all hours of the night and then you go home alone and try to search for sex online.

If you’re lucky you score, but most of the time you just end up feeling alone and disappointed.

The ultimate goal of pleasure is to feel relaxed and alive all over while sharing that same feeling with the person next you. You want to feel like somebody cares about you, even if it’s make-believe. Because sharing that moment in time with another person can be a great experience to remember and generate long lasting memories.

However, in some scenarios, dating can be disastrous, especially if you’re visiting a strange and foreign city where you don’t know anybody. A cheap date at a time like this would be nice, really nice if only you knew where to find a cheap date.

This is where an escort shopping guide can really turn things around. Dating escorts is fun, you can spend a small fortune hoping you get lucky, but you have to remember the money you pay an escort is for the escort’s time, and nothing more, and nothing promised. It’s entirely up to the escort to guide you on your date.

The truth about the escort shopping guide is very simple. You will find some very beautiful girls all dressed up and ready to go, totally amazing girls who are willing to do just about anything to please you, and put a smile on your face. Of course, these girls are high-profile models and that can be expensive, but it’s always more fun and exciting when the girl just happens to be an escort.

The beauty and excitement of your dating experience becomes even more enticing when you begin to imagine all the possible fantasies. When you are in a foreign country for example, escorts make excellent travel companions.

Escorts can be quite helpful, showing you around town and the best places to go out for an evening or just spending the day together. There’s no need to follow a rigid schedule, just relax, and enjoy your time together.

Sometimes a wonderful afternoon in the park or walk along the beach can be most rewarding. Choosing an escort who can speak your own language is just as important as attractive good looks.

The escort shopping guide allows you to choose from different escorts from all over the world and many of them have the ability to speak multiple languages.

A professional female escort is a lot like a beautiful hostess at an upscale restaurant. If the service is really good you you give a nice tip. To put it another way, you still have to pay for your order, even if you don’t like the service.

Professional escorts have an important job to do, making you feel as comfortable as possible without promising you any sex. Professional escorts charge a fee for their time, and that’s all they charge for. Any additional money you give to an escort or anything that you buy for an escort is considered a gift.

An escort is not a prostitute. But, this is where it gets tricky. A lot of prostitutes use escort websites to find clients. Many, hoping to get lucky, use escort websites to search for prostitutes. The major difference between a professional escort and a prostitute is, “time”. The time you spend with a girl can be a great way to relax and have fun, but there is nothing implied that says the girl is obligated to have sex with you, even if you pay for her “time”.

In a large well-established city the role of an escort is all the more important. For your own protection, if you’re going to pay, you should always choose professional girls (escorts) through an agency or escort shopping guide.

In a recent report on prostitute advertising, one online classified website generated 4.2 million dollars in a single month for escort advertising. That’s a lot of escorts!

You can save a whole lot of time and energy by searching for professional escorts with the specific qualities that you are looking for in the girl that you choose.

Thus, you will complete your search in comparatively less time, giving you more time to enjoy on your date.

Escort advertising is a great way to provide detailed profiles for the escorts, highlighting their interest and helping them to become your perfect date.

Escorts are skilled at taking you through the places in your mind meant to satisfy your curiosity and other requirements.

Escorts can also enlighten you on the latest trends and give you a neutral opinion on the current events and issues that interest you most.

You can easily avoid all the misleading escort ads when you search through the escort shopping guide.

An escort can guide you, and give you confidence in yourself. It's what they do and say to make you look good, and feel good about yourself at the same time.

If you travel, you will enjoy your trip a lot more with a nice companion on your arm! Your search for the perfect companion to guide you around the city is just a click away and that's the truth.

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posted by Admin Monday,Oct 07,2013
The Joy of Dating Escorts    

The very thought of dating escorts can bring happiness to the average person, whatever your lifestyle may be. Because the truth of the matter is, that most escorts are very exciting people to be around. But, just like the, “super-sexy willing to do anything for money escort characters” that we see in the movies, the professional escort is just acting, nothing less and certainly nothing more.

Of course, meeting a real live escort for the first time can be awkward even when you have experience. Most people have never met an escort in real life. They only know what they have heard, or read in magazines or seen on television or in the movies. Most people have never heard the phrase “escort shopping guide” when searching the Internet for an escort, but the escort shopping guide is one of the very best ways online to search for an escort.

The reason is because the escort shopping guide assures escorts and the escort client a life filled with fun and excitement. The escorts that choose to advertise on an escort directory and shopping guide want to meet interesting people from around the world who know what they want out of life, and have the money to pay for it.

Escorts who choose to advertise on an escort directory know how to enjoy life to the fullest and have the talent and skill to get what they want, when they want it, no matter how much it cost with complete peace of mind.

Whether you’re seriously considering dating an escort for the first time or you have used an escort directory in the past it’s always helpful if you know what to look for to make your dating experience more enjoyable. If it’s your first time contacting an escort, you should search through the escort advertising guide and read the escort profiles. The best escort websites provide escort reviews which can help you to find the right escort of your choice. All escort sites are not the same and by the same token all escorts are not the same. You should use caution when selecting which escort site you choose.

When you use an upscale escort guide, you will also find links to other useful resources like entertainment and other great ideas to make your date even more exciting.

One of the biggest misconceptions that you will find regarding all escorts in the United States is that the escorts will charge a fee to have sex with you. Prostitution is against the law in the United States except for the state of Nevada where prostitution is legal in certain areas of the state.

The real truth of the matter is that escorts in the United States do not charge a fee for sex, but they do charge a fee for their time. You should never assume that escorts will have sex with you just because you have paid for their time. That doesn’t mean that an escort won’t have sex with you, but you should understand what an escort does for a living before you make any assumptions or dating arraignments.

Professional escorts are generally considered high-maintenance companions or service providers. An Escort's expenses can range in the thousands for spa treatments, hair & makeup, clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Other expenses may include health & medical insurance, transportation, security and travel expenses.

As a result escorts charge a substantial fee for their time in the same manner that your attorney or doctor would charge for their time, and just like your doctor or lawyer, the house calls are generally more expensive than an office visit. But, unlike dotors and attorneys, escorts appreciate and accept generous gratuities as a gesture of your kindness.
Some escorts that you find online through escort advertising directories are smart, very sexy and well-educated and as a result, some escort fees will be substantially higher than others.

Escorts are just ordinary people who have a job to do and some are very good at their job, very professional you might say. They make excellent travel companions, they speak multiple languages and they love to share your most intimate thoughts and ideas with no obligations and an open mind.

One of the most important things to remember while dating an escort is to understand that they are real people and they have personality traits just like anyone else. The bond you establish with an escort can be even more interesting if you respect the boundaries established by the escort at the time of your date and allow the quality time spent with them to unfold naturally.

You will enjoy many fun filled activities and also present yourself as the kind of person the escort would love to see again. Escort advertising can help you immensely to search for the right kind of escort dating experience.

Your communication skills will become natural, informal and very casual so that you can unwind and enjoy the company of your escort. After all, having an unforgettable moment with an escort can be a great climax to a wonderful date for both of you!

Your dating experience will always be more fun and enjoyable when you understand, “the joy of dating escorts” and the escort shopping guide.

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posted by Admin Friday,Sep 13,2013
How-to-Find The Perfect Escort    

Dating beautiful girls can be a lot of fun, but let’s face it, sometimes it can be difficult for you to find someone to go out with for the first time.

Finding the perfect escort for that special occasion is easy and simple with an Escort Advertising Guide. Recently there has been an upward trend for both men and woman to fill a variety of different roles as escorts in modern day society. As a result, more and more people today are choosing to date escorts as an alternative way of life.

The only difference between traditional dating and dating escorts is that escorts charge a fee to spend time with you.  The only rule to remember and always obey is that you must be at least 18 years of age to be an escort or enter into a contractual agreement with an escort. It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a male or female the rules are the same.

Popular terms used most often to search for escorts on the Internet today are Escort Advertising, Escort Sites, VIP Escorts, Escort Directories and Escort Guide just to name a few.

Some escort directories will also provide unlimited resources for exotic car rental, chauffeured limousines, upscale restaurants, five star hotels, private jets and private yacht’s that can definitely help to make your dating experience even more enjoyable.

Imagination is the key that will unlock your hiden fantasies and take you on a journey where only dreams are made of. You are free to let go of your inhibitions and explore the world of fantasy. Here you will find a few important things to remember when dating an escort.

When making your selection, you will have to make certain decisions regarding the criteria with regard to the location of the escort and also the language spoken by the escort that you choose on the escort shopping guide. You will first need to make your selection by searching through several different escort directories where escort advertising can be found.

Next, you can choose to date escorts who can speak your native language or any language you are comfortable speaking. Dating escorts gives you many opportunities to explore all of the many options with regard to social entertainment.

Moreover, there can be various other options regarding the location where an escort comes from or how far an escort is willing to travel in order to please you. You can browse through all of these options when you go through the escort directories.

Apart from ethnicity such as Latina, Asian, Ebony, etc., you can choose preferences like hair color such as Redheads, Brunettes or Blondes. Escort shopping guides will also provide detailed escort profiles that will tell you what hours the escort is available and whether or not the escort is willing to travel.

The escort advertising guide will also help you to decide whether you want to contact an independent escort or go through an escort agency or just relax and have a massage in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room. You can find female and male escorts and travel companions, BDSM, shemale escorts and tantra goddesses through this type of escort advertising.

After browsing through the escort directories you can compare the various photographs and profiles that you read which are provided by the escorts. Each photograph has been specifically designed to help you to make your selection more easily.

Escort advertising takes into consideration many of the important things you would like to know about an escort before making your final selection including the escorts age and the amount to be paid to the escort for their time.

You are likely to have more specific preferences and requirements when it comes to choosing the escorts that you find on the Internet. Most of the escort directories use various advertising and marketing strategies to promote the escorts who appear on the pages of the escort shopping guide that you choose.

Depending on your budget and lifestyle and this small, but valuable bit of information, you should have no trouble finding the perfect escort for any occasion.        
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posted by Admin Saturday,Sep 07,2013
What Are the Benefits of Escort Advertising?    

The pressure of your daily life in the city, a hectic work schedule, or simply the need for change, may have you thinking about dating an escort as a way to achieve Peace of mind.

While dating escorts you are sure to enjoy some of the benefits that make you feel better about yourself once you’re more relaxed and comfortable. When you’re on the Internet searching through an escort shopping guide the benefits of escort advertising suddenly become very clear.

You should not feel like you’re under any type of pressure. There is no need to feel guilty or make plans to have a long term relationship and there are no extraordinary expectations to fulfill. That’s the beauty of spending time with escorts in the first place, not to mention how much fun you will have in the process. When you think of the positive aspect that dating an escort or paid companion can bring, you will suddenly learn how to enjoy your life filled with sustained pleasure, fantasy and excitement!

The benefits of dating an escort are valued slightly higher to those fortunate individuals with the financial means to spend an entire weekend shopping, soaking up the sun by day and nights filled with fun and romance.
By dating escorts, you’re free to choose the time and place and escort rates will vary depending on the escort you choose. Unlike a partner in an on-going and steady love affair, your escort will see you on whatever schedule you can arrange.

Escorts are fun to be with and there is never any need to worry about finding a beautiful dinner date, or having a night out on the town or weekend in Las Vegas for that matter. Finding an escort through escort advertising is the best solution for you and for the escort. Dating escorts is all about having fun and enjoyment without any strings attached. It’s very easy to schedule time with your escort. All you have to do is contact the escort or escort agency and set up your date.

Many escorts also make beautiful travel companions. You can smile, relax and eliminate all of the nonsense and drama associated in the dating game. Dating escorts is not the same thing as introducing yourself to a perfect stranger and asking for a date.

Dating an escort is a business arrangement. You’re paying for the escort’s time. You’re free from the frustration and disappointment that is sometimes associated with traditional dating and relationships.
When you search through an escort directory or escort shopping guide for an escort there is no need to worry about impressing your escort with your best suit because they don’t really care about that. As long as you take a shower and put on clean cloths you're probably alright in most cases. Once you have chosen an escort, it’s really up to the escort to make the final decision whether to see you or not.

You can relax and be yourself and just enjoy the company of your escort, and remember to have fun and be respectful. The key to dating escorts that you find through escort advertising is to remember that you’re spending your hard earned cash to be with someone you have only fantasized about.

Above all, the most important benefit of dating an escort through an escort shopping guide is that you will never experience the fear of rejection.  
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posted by Admin Thursday,Aug 29,2013
How To Treat An Escort    

By Maggie McNeill
In this section of Envious News I get into how you should treat these women. I talk about the fact that they’re not your girlfriends. I explain how these girls expect and should be treated.

I get into who is really in charge when a girl comes to your door. I talk about what to expect before a girl is comfortable with you and how to make her comfortable. Finally, I talk about how just being nice to these girls will go a long way toward your satisfaction.
They’re not your girlfriend, let me repeat... These girls are not your girlfriend…
I know everyone these days are looking for the girlfriend experience (GFE). That’s fine, a lot of girls will pretend to be your girlfriend… a lot of people are into role playing and that’s fine.

You have to remember that you’re paying these girls to act a certain way. Don’t try to save these girls, they don’t want saving. The “Pretty Woman” story is just that, it’s a story. Don’t ask them why they’re in this business, don’t tell them they’re too pretty to be doing this… and don’t expect any of these girls to call you for anything other than more money…
If you give them your phone number, you need to know they’re just ripping it up when they leave the call or deleting it from their phone. Honestly, a lot of these girls would rather be doing something else, so your telling them they shouldn’t be doing this is just going to piss them off. They will leave the call thinking you’re an asshole.
Treat girls with respect
You have to treat these girls with respect.
It amazes me how some of you guys treat these girls. You may be spending money on them but that doesn’t mean you can treat them any way you want. These women are human beings, not objects. If you don’t act like a gentleman, these girls will just take your money and walk out on you.
Another thing, if you want to talk dirty to a girl, let them know ahead of time… and whatever you do, don’t call them sluts or prostitutes; they will walk out on you.
Another good reason for being respectful is because there very well may be a driver standing outside the door; he might get very upset to hear you say not so nice things to the girl who is paying his salary. You need to show these girls respect.
It’s a Business Involving Humans
When you’re calling an escort you’re calling for another person. The “product” is a person. You have to remember that girls have bad days, that girls get tired, that girls are not robots. The product is a service that these girls provide. Like any service industry you’re dealing with people and the services they perform.
The escort business is not regulated and there is not really anyone to complain to if you don’t get the service that you want, that’s what makes this industry a little different. Just remember you’re dealing with living, breathing people that all offer different types of services.
The Girl Is In Charge
The girl is always in charge. I don’t care what type of role playing you’re doing, in the end; the girl is always in charge.
 If you want a good experience just communicate your wants and needs to the girl upfront so she knows what’s going on, and make sure she’s comfortable with it.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of guys that pay the fee and tip and then just expect the girl to become some sort of servant. That’s not going to happen. These girls need to know that they are safe; they have to feel comfortable with you. If you don’t make sure they feel safe and comfortable and that they know they’re in charge they will just leave on you.
These girls don’t know you from Adam, they’re not going to do anything unless they know there is a way out if the situation gets bad.
This doesn’t necessarily apply to regulars. If a girl has seen you a couple of times then she is more likely to give up a little control, but she’ll never do it the first time she sees you.
Make Her Feel Comfortable
When she comes to your door, act like you’re inviting in a guest. Act like an adult. Don’t act stupid. Don’t start asking her questions, for instance.
Take a minute, invite her in, ask her if she wants anything to drink (she’ll say no, but it’s still polite). Treat her like she was an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while.
 I can’t stress to you enough that you have to make these girls feel comfortable. The more comfortable they are the better you’re going to get treated.

Don’t answer the door naked, it just scares the girls. Although you might be thinking that that’s a sure sign that you’re not a police officer (it is), it will still make the girl feel very uncomfortable. It’s one thing to have limited small talk, but answering the door naked is just creepy to most girls.
Don’t have anything laying around that might scare a girl. Don’t talk about your knife collection, don’t have any weapons of any kind anywhere a girl can see it. Don’t talk about hunting.
Don’t bring a girl down to a basement unless that is where your bedroom is located. If your bedroom is in the basement, be prepared to go the extra mile to make the girl comfortable. No girls like basements.
Pretend this is a first date and the first time you took the girl back to your house.
Girls Like Nice Guys
It’s true that this is a business. It’s true that these girls do this for money. It’s true that these girls are not your girlfriend. That being said, it makes these girl’s job much easier when you’re nice to them. They remember you. They’re comfortable when they come back to see you. It makes everything a little bit easier.
A lot of girls don’t negotiate their prices, but the ones who do will always give you a better deal if they know you’re a nice, considerate guy.
Being nice is not a substitute for trust. The best thing to do is to be nice right up front and continue to treat the girl with respect until she is comfortable that you are not a police officer. At that point, the girl should start to open up and really appreciate that you’re being nice and treating her with respect.
If the girl is still being a jerk toward you after you’ve been nice and she knows you’re not a police officer, then it is possible that she is just a jerk. In this situation, you might have called the wrong escort.

Be careful and try not to get ripped off. There may be a time or situation where you tell her to go and cut your losses before you give up any additional money.
The best policy, though, is to always be nice and respectful. A good girl will appreciate that and want to see you again.
My Website: http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com


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Dating Escorts Advantage Guaranteed!    

Dating an escort can be one of the best ways in the world to unwind and relieve stress, especially when you have an escort shopping guide to find exactly what you’re searching for.

Depending on your taste and preferences, the experience can be even more exciting. Imagine the sense of satisfaction searching through beautiful escort photographs in the escort shopping guide advertising section.

You make your personal selection from a dozen or so categories and you can choose from hundreds of escorts in terms of complexion, height, hair color, body structure, sense of style and fashion. Not to mention the fact that escorts can be located in just about any city in the world.

It’s basically considered the “feel good factor”. Escorts can make you feel good about yourself. Escorts will make you feel alive and appreciate the good things in life.

Since all your expectations are arranged in advance, from the moment you meet, spending time with an escort can be very satisfying. Relieving the tension sometimes associated with a traditional first date experience.

Unless you search for your escort through escort advertising the conventional dating scenarios can often make you feel uneasy or be cumbersome for you.

Dating escorts on the contrary can definitely be a welcome change and truly a major source of satisfaction and relief.

Your escort shopping guide is just another way to have a good time in your own special way. Just remember and realize that escorts are real people providing a professional service. Courtesy and respect go a long way in making a favorable impression.

You will find a companion who can share your thoughts and ideas. You can find a friend. An escort shopping guide allows you to find a mate in an escort and free yourself of all of the worldly commitments and bindings of a full time relationship… if only for the time being.

Dating escorts through an escort shopping guide is truly synonymous with unlimited fun and excitement! It’s a matter of prestige when you are seen with an amazingly attractive escort on your arm that captures the attention of other people.

Your confidence soars when you’re dating one of the beautiful escorts of your choice. Confidence can be a major attraction for anyone. You are sure to make a tremendous impression in the mind of others. At the same time knowing that there is no formal commitment required.

With escort advertising, you’re absolutely in a win-win situation! Moreover, when you search through escort advertising all your fantasies and fetishes can be shared and experienced.

Your creative imagination and planning are key elements when choosing individual escort advertising on an escort shopping guide. High profile escorts are generally more expensive. Searching the escort shopping guide will help you to find a wide variety of escort rates to suit your particular needs.

In addition to the rate escorts charge for their time, other factors you might consider are gifts, entertainment, dining, location, travel, accommodations, transportation and security.

Experienced escorts generally require screening for safety and security measures. Clients are advised to be aware. Check out escort reviews and find out as much about the escort that you can.

Escort advertising is the best way to find the escort of your choice providing you with links to escort websites, and personal contact information, and other helpful resources which can be very useful in your search.



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How Can Dating Escorts Relieve Stress?    

Dating escorts is an exciting experience when you hardly ever have time for a social life or would simply like to have some companionship to make your day or evening a little brighter. The level of your escort dating experience is up to you. From luxury accommodations and amenities to modest limited time engagements.

Think of a hard day’s work and how it drains you completely. Being in a relationship with a steady partner often becomes vexing when you think of all the commitments you have to fulfill and the promises you have to keep.

However, dating escorts and utilizing an escort shopping guide you will find a completely different dating scenario.

In simple terms, kicking all social stigma aside, using an escort shopping guide and spending your time with an escort can be an excellent way to relieve everyday stress.

You can find a male or female escort through escort advertising.

Tied up with a thousand worries and pressure from work or a celebrity career or lifestyle when your mind and body need to relax, your escort can give you a great way to set your mind and body free.

Thus dating escorts can be a soothing and even rejuvenating experience if planned well!

You can spend time talking and sharing good times with an escort while indulging yourself in fun, excitement and relaxation.

You’re sure to experience the ultimate satisfaction trying new and different activities provided by an escort shopping guide and found through escort advertising. Don’t hesitate to miss an opportunity to try any sort of fantasy or fetish with your escort which otherwise might be embarrassing if you try the same with your traditional partner.

Dating escorts acquired through an escort advertising guide can be fun and exciting and provide you with a thrilling avenue to release your stress. You can unwind and be yourself and spend quality time with your escort just the way you imagined it would be.

You don' need to be a superstar to pamper an escort in order to impress her and make her feel wanted. You don’t need to know the right words to say while speaking to her and there is no need to fight and spoil your quality time together.

Just be yourself and relax. Don't try too hard, and don't try to control the situation. Let your escort set the temple of your date and be respectful.

The rejuvenation that is experienced by your mind and body through being with and dating escorts and searching through an escort shopping guide is unparalleled. You can recharge yourself for the hectic days ahead once you’ve had the chance to relax and set your mind, body and soul free.

Imagine treating yourself to the luxury escort shopping guide experience. Whether you’re spending a night on the town or a day on the beach, a special event, a wedding reception or ceremony or travel to an exotic destination.

Find out for yourself, how dating escorts can relieve stress.
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Significance of Escort Advertising    

Advertising executed in the right way has significant value regardless of what the product or service is. When it comes to escort advertising, the value is even more significant.

The basic essence of all advertising is to spread the word about the product or service being advertised. The advertiser expects to generate customers based on the amount of advertising purchased.

Escort advertising is much more unique in that it requires an escort to produce an ad for money in exchange for time. You can become familiar with the exciting possibilities regarding the availability of dating escorts and the escort shopping guide experience.

This kind of advertising is all-comprehensive. As a client, escort advertising can be immensely significant for you as well.

First of all, with this type of advertising you get to see the wide range of possible options available you. Ethnicity is an important criterion with many people when it comes to selecting an escort through the escort shopping guide experience.

When professional escort advertising is done correctly, a complete profile of the escort is included in the advertising so that potential clients can be more specific with their search for the right escort. Moreover, when you search through the wide variety of escort directories, you will see that various categories are mentioned in order to streamline your search even further.

Following escort advertising on your computer or Mobil device, you can choose the complexion of your escorts, approximate height, sense of style and fashion, hair color, eye color and so on. You will have the freedom to choose from many options.

With regard to the escorts, you are paying for the escort’s time, and time is money. Generally speaking that is all you are paying for regardless to what you may think. With detailed advertising, you can have a clear idea of the specific services provided by the escort you are dating.

You can choose your own preferences and then make your selection through the escort shopping guide from among the escorts whose services match your requirements.

One of the most significant factors associated with escort advertising is the freedom to choose from a gallery of amazingly attractive photographs of some of most beautiful escorts in the world.

Dating escorts from an escort shopping guide allows you to compare the pictures and choose the escort you like based on your personal taste and desire. Once you’ve had the opportunity to review the profile of the escort you’ve selected, you will start to feel more comfortable and be a little more familiar with the escort when you meet them in person.

Advertising is not only significant to escorts, escort agencies and massage parlors, the escort shopping guide is one of the most vital and essential tools available to bring in new business and maintain valued customers.
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Deja Vu    
I genuinely love what I do and it shows in my performance and personality. Dedicated to being your favorite escape. I am a woman who is willing to accommodate all your desires. I absolutely love to explore the wilder side of life!
Click here for Deja Desire's Page
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posted by Deja Desire Friday,Jun 14,2013
Killing the Messenger Part 1    

The Campaign Against Online Escort Advertising Sites Part I

Setting the Stage

According to http://lawofsex.wordpress.com, in a recent article published by The Law of Sex on their website, http://lawofsex.wordpress.com, the recent guilty plea by Escorts.com has ignited interest in the legal issues surrounding the operation of an online escort site. According to the article and recent two-part blog post at http://lawofsex.wordpress.com, the author, “webattorney” will examine real-world examples of the government’s recent resurgence in its crusade against escort advertising directories, followed by an overview of pertinent legal concerns applicable to this business model.

In an effort to keep our readers informed on issues that affect the escort directory community, we acknowledge this information and take into consideration all state and federal laws that govern the legal operation of online escort directories such as http://enviousescorts.com, http://cityvibe.com, http://eros.com, and http://myredbook.com to name a few.

In recent decades, according to http://lawofsex.wordpress.com, law enforcement has started focusing its attention on the common advertising venues for prostitution – escort agencies, massage parlors, etc. Some agencies have gone so far as to threaten local phone book publishers with racketeering charges for publishing ads for escort agencies in their yellow pages. Actual racketeering charges were filed against an alternative weekly newspaper in the Orlando, Florida, area based on its publication of escort ads, but the charges were later dismissed.

Law enforcement continues its witch hunt-like pursuit of the escort industry under the flawed theory that forcing escorts “underground” will eventually lead to the cessation of prostitution, itself. Admittedly, law enforcement’s efforts had successfully hampered certain commercial outlets for the escort industry; that is until the advent of the Internet.

Now there are multiple escort directories on the internet advertising escort services. EnviousEscorts.com http://enviousescorts.com is an Escort Directory and Shopping Guide. The adult entertainment industry frowns on the escort industry suggesting that an escort is a prostitute. Escorts are not prostitutes, and they charge for their time not their bodies.

Sex between two consenting adults is not illegal. Sex workers who work in the adult entertainment industry are paid to have sex in a video production, but that’s legal and also not considered prostitution. Escorts who cross the line and exchange money for sex are guilty of prostitution. Escort Directories by law are not allowed to advertise for prostitution of any kind.

According to http://lawofsex.wordpress.com, like many things involving the so-called ‘business of sex,’ operating an adult-themed website is not exactly easy these days. Between maintaining compliance with relevant laws, less disposable income by consumers and the impact of piracy, the adult website industry has suffered its share of challenges recently.

But those challenges have been magnified for the online escort directory business model, given law enforcement’s renewed interest in finding a scapegoat to blame for so-called “human trafficking.”
According to Attorney Alex Austin, http://austinlawgroup.com/, it appears that for the time being the escort directory business model established by http://enviousescorts.com, is safe. Specifically the definitions for “sex trafficking” are to be the same as the federal code counterpart (http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/22/7102).

The term “sex trafficking” means the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Consequently, the Envious Escort Directory and Shopping Guide come’s nowhere near meeting any of these definitions. The only assertion that could be anticipated is that running a directory somehow “promotes” trafficking, although that is a stretch because a directory merely provides the means for voluntary engagements.

Recently in the state of California Prop 35 regarding trafficking passed on the November ballot. It suggest that those receiving financial support could include a ‘sex worker’s children, parents, spouse, domestic partner, landlord or others.’ Therefore, the escort directory business seems to fall outside the group that “receives financial support”.

However, in an Update: SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA—The ACLU of Northern California https://www.aclunc.org/news/press_releases/aclu_and_eff_challenge_free_speech_restrictions_in_california's_proposition_35.shtml and the Electronic Frontier Foundation won an initial court victory yesterday https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/11/court-blocks-proposition-35s-restriction-anonymous-speech, when a federal judge agreed to temporarily halt enforcement of a part of Proposition 35, the so-called human trafficking state initiative that was passed by Cal-voters on November 6, 2012.

It was the first time in modern history that a prostitute led a statewide ballot measure. Completely unfunded, the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project is proud to have called into question the means and motives of those who conflate sex workers, their families and larger communities with sex traffickers and registered sex offenders.

With limited access to free speech in general and political speech specifically, sex worker groups like other marginalized groups face chronic underfunding. Under prop 35, we now expect to have our doors busted down under the guise of rescuing us as victims from our domestic, familial and economic relations. We expect the Asian massage parlors, workers of color and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) to be the first targets as they’ve been most maligned in the press and the public sphere.

According to Maxine Doogan, President ESPLERP Erotic Service Providers Legal Education and Research Project, we know that our lives still matter and our contributions are still valuable. We will continue our effort to end the unconstitutional anti prostitution laws to gain access to equal protection and privacy that everyone else enjoys by building on the support and solidarity generated in this campaign.

According to Alex Austin, Attorney for http://enviousescorts.com, in San Francisco, laws are supposed to be written in such a way that they put people on notice of unlawful conduct so that people can modify their conduct to avoid potential liability. Proposition 35 is written in such a way that the sweep does not put people on sufficient notice.

This is highly problematic and it will likely be confronted with constitutional challenges immediately and be in litigation before it is even put into action. A federal judge agreed to temporarily halt enforcement of a part of Proposition 35 already as stated earlier in this article.

Regarding penalties, most are qualified such that facts and circumstances must be weighed before imposing maximum penalties. For example, subsection two under Section 236.1 of the Penal Code is amended to read: Fifteen years to life and a fine of not more than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) WHEN the offense involves force, fear, fraud, deceit, coercion, violence, duress menace, or threat of unlawful injury to the victim or to another person.

Given the fact that the directories are not the target of the proposition, any assertion that a penalty would be warranted would not reach the maximum.

Austin goes on to say, the intent of the proposition is to protect minors from inducement, persuasion, or otherwise involuntary acts. The escort guide and directory, http://enviousescorts.com, does not operate for minors nor is there any element of involuntariness.

One way you can protect yourself is to insure that every advertiser is over 18 by having a photo identification requirement and requiring that each advertiser pay for their own advertisement so that 3rd parties cannot pay for an advertisement.

In essence, law enforcement has bigger fish to fry. There are REAL sex traffickers out there preying on young people and forcing them into a sort of sexual slave labor. Envious is clearly not doing that. I believe that the risk is quite small that Prop 35 will change anything in the directory community.

We have included links to an organization that note the poor execution and constitutional issues this proposition presents. See, http://esplerp.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/No-ON-Prop35tp9.7.pdf

As a result, legitimate escort websites have their work cut out for them. Substantial concern has arisen in this arena given the recent forfeiture of Escorts.com to the Department of Justice, and the resulting plea deal whereby the operating companies agreed to forfeit millions of dollars in advertising proceeds, and admit to federal money laundering offenses premised on their online escort advertising activity.

Given that some escorts have been known to cross the line into illegal activity a time or two, operators of online escort websites must be well-versed in several areas of criminal law along with the important constitutional protections afforded to commercial speech. The line between prostitution-related offenses and protected speech can often be ‘dim and uncertain’ as is the case with many other legal issues that adult industry participants are forced to confront on a daily basis.

Although prostitution related offenses are the purported basis for most criminal liability surrounding the escort business model, the proliferation of the Internet has caused both law enforcement and escort site operators to consider various ‘accomplice liability’ offenses like conspiracy, solicitation and “aiding and abetting,” when evaluating the legality of a given escort advertising business model.

The same laws used to prosecute the person who answers the phone at an ‘out-call’ service may be used in the attempt to impose criminal liability on Internet-based escort directory providers. In the end, much depends on whether the alleged accomplice had knowledge (whether actual or constructive) of any illegal activity by the escort(s).

An online classified ad space provider would have no traditional legal obligation to second guess the legality of any advertised services, so long as the services themselves were not inherently illegal. Thus, an ad for unlicensed, automatic weapons may be problematic, however escort activity is not inherently illegal, and is, instead, often recognized and even licensed by many local governments.

Online escort directories, at least in theory, should have no reason to question whether a particular advertiser was running an illegal ‘side business’ in addition to her presumptively-legal escort companionship services. However, law enforcement tends to see it differently, and often assume that minors are being exploited through the targeted online escort site, in addition to traditional adult prostitution concerns.

Thus, in recent years, according to: lawofsex.wordpress.com in yet another misguided attempt to “save the children,” law enforcement has taken to attacking tangential associates of the escort service business model; the online advertising forums. The Internet enabled countless alternative venues for escort advertising, allowing escorts to take control of their businesses – often eliminating dangerous ‘middlemen.’ But this new business model generated new legal concerns – both for the escort and the advertising service provider.

The scope of escort site operation can range from ‘hands on’ services such as scheduling meetings and taking payment, to more detached services such as date reviews, or the simple sale of advertising space to escorts or agencies, such is the case with http://enviousescorts.com. It is this last category, mere advertising, where the legal issues get complex. While the sale of advertising space for legal activities should remain protected by the First Amendment under the ‘commercial speech’ doctrine, concerns can develop when the advertising venue gains some level of knowledge of illegal activity – whether actual or intended – undertaken by the escort.

This knowledge could come from a variety of sources, including arrest records, anonymous complaints, escort reviews, media reports, or even the escort herself, in the form of proposed or published advertisements. The difficult legal issues generated by these distinct sources of potential knowledge will be addressed in Part II of this post.

In recent years, state and federal authorities have relentlessly pursued a select few online escort venues, namely; Craigslist.org, http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites, Escorts.com and BackPage.com, http://www.backpage.com,.

In August of 2010, dozens of state Attorneys General publicly declared a quasi-war on escort advertising starting with a demand letter to Craigslist insisting that the site’s entire adult personals category be removed. For fear of criminal prosecution, Craigslist complied and implemented a new thorough screening process for the revised “adult” section of the site.

Undeterred by the site’s attempt at compliance, South Carolina’s Attorney General, Henry McMaster, continued his public threats of criminal prosecution. After several months in and out of court, Craigslist shifted gears and completely abandoned its U.S. based erotic services category and ultimately withdrew its efforts to reinvigorate its censorship claims against the government.

Undoubtedly witnessing the successful results of their Craigslist bullying, the AG’s then set their sights on Backpage.com, via another demand letter calling on the site to terminate its online advertising of “adult services” under the threat of criminal charges. Conceding to a degree, Backpage.com unveiled new security measures for its adult personal ads and subsequently called on “friends in the industry” (incidentally, directly naming over two dozen “fellow” websites involved in escort services) to form a “National Task Force” against misuse of online escort advertising.

Within weeks of Backpage’s roguish actions, several of the identified sites were staring down the barrel of their own state or federal investigations; none more publicized than the unexpected FBI raid on the corporate offices of Escorts.com. After more than six months of industry speculation on the issue and virtual silence from the company, on June 21, 2011, Escorts.com quietly shut down its website. The explanation for the closure came recently with the filing of a corporate guilty plea and forfeiture of the domain name along with substantial amounts of cash.

While the campaign against Backpage.com had slowly faded from the headlines, a few months ago, in July of 2011, the case took on new life, as Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, labeling Backpage as a “well-known accelerant of underage sex trafficking,” ordered all city departments to terminate any active advertising relationship with the Seattle Weekly (a subsidiary of Village Voice Media, the publisher of Backpage.com).

Most likely a knee-jerk reaction to the letter issued by the National Organization of Women, http://www.now.org/issues/constitution/index.html, demanding his support in rallying against Village Voice Media, McGinn’s advertising boycott sent ripples through the online escort industry; the effects of which are still being felt today.

Just a few weeks later, in an overly public display reminiscent of that waged against Craigslist, forty-six state AG’s, acting on behalf of the National Association of Attorneys General, sent a letter to Backpage.com accusing the site of knowingly profiting from ads related to prostitution and failing to take the security precautions it once promised to implement.

Containing a myriad of demands, the letter’s inquiries into Backpage’s business practices range from “describing in detail” what the site understands to constitute “illegal activity” to requesting specific advertisement statistics and company policy documents. Responding to the letter, Village Voice Media emphatically reiterated that there is “no gap between our mutual goal of eradicating the scourge of child trafficking as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Citing examples like constant cooperation with police investigators and the successful conclusion of an ad-based sting operation, Village Voice Media maintained that Backpage.com is continually doing everything in its power to prevent criminal activity on its site. Apparently, cooperating with law enforcement is no longer good enough.

The Backpage case was quickly overshadowed by the above-referenced guilty plea by the corporate operators of Escorts.com. National A-1 Advertising and R.S. Duffy, Inc., the parent companies of Escorts.com since 2007, plead guilty to money laundering and criminal forfeiture charges arising from actions that allegedly “facilitated interstate prostitution activities.”

According to U.S. Attorney Peter Smith, prostitutes and escort agencies paid to advertise on the site, while customers were charged subscription fees to view such advertisements. The revenue generated by the advertisements and subscription fees constituted the alleged proceeds of “violations of federal laws prohibiting interstate travel in aid of racketeering enterprises, specifically prostitution, and aiding and abetting such travel.”

Upon the U.S. District Court’s approval of the settlement agreement, the companies agreed to serve a probation term of 18 months, pay a $1.5 million in fines, and forfeit the domain name www.Escorts.com, along with $4.9 million in cash derived from the alleged unlawful activities.

Notably, although the settlement bans the government from bringing additional criminal charges against the companies and their other related business ventures (e.g. – Hotmovies.com and PrimeTel Communications), the agreement does not prohibit the IRS from pursuing any tax-related criminal charges arising from the money laundering.

And although prosecutors have reserved the right to criminally pursue individuals associated with both companies, there is no indication that the government intends to pursue such an option. Despite all the ambiguities surrounding the legal fate of online escort directories, one thing is for sure, the pressure from law enforcement not only remains on these online media outlets but is apparently increasing.

Legal compliance has never been more important and preventative maintenance is the key. Part II of this blog post will provide an overview of the current issues facing escort websites in light of the current legal environment, and preemptive measures for escort directories that could make all the difference should future litigation arise.


Austin Law Group
799 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone 415/282-4511 Fax 415/282-4536



Maxine Doogan, President ESPLERP
Erotic Service Providers Legal Education and Research Project
2261 Market Street # 548
San Francisco, California 94114
Ph: (415) 265-3302

Veronica Monet, Sexologist and Radio Host
206 Sacramento Street Suite 206
Nevada City, CA 95959
Ph: (415) 407-2932

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