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How To Treat An Escort

By Maggie McNeill

In this section of Envious News I get into how you should treat these women. I talk about the fact that they’re not your girlfriends. I explain how these girls expect and should be treated.

I get into who is really in charge when a girl comes to your door. I talk about what to expect before a girl is comfortable with you and how to make her comfortable. Finally, I talk about how just being nice to these girls will go a long way toward your satisfaction.
They’re not your girlfriend
These girls are not your girlfriend…
I know everyone these days are looking for the girlfriend experience (GFE). That’s fine, a lot of girls will pretend to be your girlfriend… a lot of people are into role playing and that’s fine.
You have to remember that you’re paying these girls to act a certain way. Don’t try to save these girls, they don’t want saving. The “Pretty Woman” story is just that, it’s a story. Don’t ask them why they’re in this business, don’t tell them they’re too pretty to be doing this… and don’t expect any of these girls to call you for anything other than more money…
If you give them your phone number, you need to know they’re just ripping it up when they leave the call or deleting it from their phone. Honestly, a lot of these girls would rather be doing something else, so your telling them they shouldn’t be doing this is just going to piss them off. They will leave the call thinking you’re an asshole.
Treat girls with respect

You have to treat these girls with respect.
It amazes me how some of you guys treat these girls. You may be spending money on them but that doesn’t mean you can treat them any way you want. These women are human beings, not objects. If you don’t act like a gentleman, these girls will just take your money and walk out on you.
Another thing, if you want to talk dirty to a girl, let them know ahead of time… and whatever you do, don’t call them sluts or prostitutes; they will walk out on you.
Another good reason for being respectful is because there very well may be a driver standing outside the door; he might get very upset to hear you say not so nice things to the girl who is paying his salary. You need to show these girls respect.
It’s a Business Involving Humans

When you’re calling an escort you’re calling for another person. The “product” is a person. You have to remember that girls have bad days, that girls get tired, that girls are not robots. The product is a service that these girls provide. Like any service industry you’re dealing with people and the services they perform.
The escort business is not regulated and there is not really anyone to complain to if you don’t get the service that you want, that’s what makes this industry a little different. Just remember you’re dealing with living, breathing people that all offer different types of services.
The Girl Is In Charge
The girl is always in charge. I don’t care what type of role playing you’re doing, in the end; the girl is always in charge.
If you want a good experience just communicate your wants and needs to the girl upfront so she knows what’s going on, and make sure she’s comfortable with it.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of guys that pay the fee and tip and then just expect the girl to become some sort of servant. That’s not going to happen. These girls need to know that they are safe; they have to feel comfortable with you. If you don’t make sure they feel safe and comfortable and that they know they’re in charge they will just leave on you.
These girls don’t know you from Adam, they’re not going to do anything unless they know there is a way out if the situation gets bad.
This doesn’t necessarily apply to regulars. If a girl has seen you a couple of times then she is more likely to give up a little control, but she’ll never do it the first time she sees you.
Make Her Feel Comfortable

When she comes to your door, act like you’re inviting in a guest. Act like an adult. Don’t act stupid. Don’t start asking her questions, for instance.
Take a minute, invite her in, ask her if she wants anything to drink (she’ll say no, but it’s still polite). Treat her like she was an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while.
I can’t stress to you enough that you have to make these girls feel comfortable. The more comfortable they are the better you’re going to get treated.

Don’t answer the door naked, it just scares the girls. Although you might be thinking that that’s a sure sign that you’re not a police officer (it is), it will still make the girl feel very uncomfortable. It’s one thing to have limited small talk, but answering the door naked is just creepy to most girls.
Don’t have anything laying around that might scare a girl. Don’t talk about your knife collection, don’t have any weapons of any kind anywhere a girl can see it. Don’t talk about hunting.
Don’t bring a girl down to a basement unless that is where your bedroom is located. If your bedroom is in the basement, be prepared to go the extra mile to make the girl comfortable. No girls like basements.
Pretend this is a first date and the first time you took the girl back to your house.
Girls Like Nice Guys

It’s true that this is a business. It’s true that these girls do this for money. It’s true that these girls are not your girlfriend. That being said, it makes these girl’s job much easier when you’re nice to them. They remember you. They’re comfortable when they come back to see you. It makes everything a little bit easier.
A lot of girls don’t negotiate their prices, but the ones who do will always give you a better deal if they know you’re a nice, considerate guy.
Being nice is not a substitute for trust. The best thing to do is to be nice right up front and continue to treat the girl with respect until she is comfortable that you are not a police officer. At that point, the girl should start to open up and really appreciate that you’re being nice and treating her with respect.
If the girl is still being a jerk toward you after you’ve been nice and she knows you’re not a police officer, then it is possible that she is just a jerk. In this situation, you might have called the wrong escort.

Be careful and try not to get ripped off. There may be a time or situation where you tell her to go and cut your losses before you give up any additional money.
The best policy, though, is to always be nice and respectful. A good girl will appreciate that and want to see you again.

My Website: http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com

Photo: Courtesy of The Bunny Ranch
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