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Money Money Money

By Maggie McNeill

I’ve been a librarian, a housewife, a call girl and a madam, and now I’m married and retired to our small country estate in the rural Southern US.

Blogging about escorts, our rights and experiences and the way society oppresses the world’s only female-dominated profession while self-proclaimed “feminists” support the outrage.

In this section of Envious News, I talk about money. I put this section first because, well, this business revolves around money. That’s why the girls do what they do and that’s what you need in order to call girls out.

I talk about escorts and money. I talk about how, like in any business, you get what you pay for. Finally, I talk about the expense of calling out girls and why some girls are more expensive than others.
Escorts Want Money

Escorting is a business. These girls don’t do this because they like it, or at least 99 percent of them don’t. They do this for money and they’re going to get as much as they can from you no matter what was said on the phone.
Can you imagine offering a girl 500 dollars and she says “no, no… just give me a hundred”… that’s not going to happen. Like any business deal, the idea is to come to an amicable monetary agreement that works for you both. Many times this agreement may be more then you want to pay, but if you’re calling out an escort you can’t be a bargain shopper.
You Get What You Pay For

Let me give you a scenario, you’re sitting at home or at a hotel room. You bored and you want some company. You pick up the local weekly or get on the internet and peruse through the escort section at Envious. None of the ads at Envious have prices because they usually talk about that on the phone, but one ads catches your eye. It’s a very pretty girl with a contact number, you call and she says “$100 special / absolutely no tipping!!!” Wow you’re thinking, it’s my lucky day.
Now let me tell you what happens when you call that girl out.
There are actually a couple things that might happen. If you’re lucky, a really ugly girl, not the girl in the picture, will come to your door and you’ll do the smart thing and look through the peep hole and not let her in.
The second scenario is that a very pretty girl, perhaps even the girl in the picture, shows up. You let her in thinking that you’ve hit the jackpot.

She takes your $100 dollars and gets you comfortable… then she hits you up for more money. If you don’t pay, she just walks out. If you follow her, if you’re lucky, the worst that will happen is you will get a face full of mace… if you’re not so lucky you could find yourself being physically attacked by the girl’s driver. Like any other business, you get what you pay for and if it sounds too good to be true…it is!!

Look, if you don’t have money don’t call an escort. If you’re trying to get a deal you’re better off taking to the streets.
You’re not getting off cheap if you call a girl that advertises cheaply and she comes to your door. You might think you’re getting a deal but in the long run you're just going to get maced or left in your room with your hand on you know what…
If you don’t know who you're calling (you’re not a regular) or if you’re in a new city, you should have at least $500 in your pocket that you’re willing to pay… not that you’ll spend all of it, or that it will be enough, but that’s a good starting point for her time…
Generally agencies will be more expensive and independents will be less expensive. I’ll get into the pros and cons of independents vs. agencies later.

My Website http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com

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